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What can I do?

As individuals we can all make small and simple changes in our lifestyle at home which can help the environment.

In The Kitchen

When storing food in the fridge use containers instead of single use foil or plastic wrap.

Put your fruit and vegetable peelings and scraps on the compost heap. If you don’t have one or feel you don’t have room for a compost heap you can get a compost bin from Kildare County Council, price approx. 15.

Where recycling facilities exist try to use them. Remember the recycling bin for cans in Staplestown and the recycling bins for glass at Dag Welds.

Choose glass over plastic when shopping - there are more recycling facilities for glass than plastic.

When the time comes to get a new fridge take the old one to the County Council refuse depot at Silliot Hill where the CFC chemicals that are used as refrigerants can be properly handled. (CFC’s are some of the gases which damage the ozone layer).

When you are thinking about a new kitchen or other items of wooden furniture try to avoid tropical hardwoods such as mahogany as their use involves the destruction of the rainforests. This releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when the trees are cut down and also means that the number of trees soaking up carbon dioxide is reduced.

We are each of us responsible for the environment. We can’t sit back and have a "somebody should do something" attitude. Each one of us can do something. We can each make a difference and yes, every effort, no matter how small, does help.

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