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Energy Saving in the Home

If we use energy more efficiently in the home it will help both the environment and our pocket.  It will save us money.  It will also help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. A build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts like the glass in a greenhouse and stops heat escaping into space, as a result the world gets hotter and climate patterns change with increasing risk of drought and flooding.  This is known as global warming.   Carbon dioxide is mostly produced through the burning of coal, oil and gas to produce energy including electricity.  We can save energy in the home by doing some of the following:

  • Lag the hot water tank. Jackets don’t cost much but still save on the cost of heating water.
  • Use thermostats and timers on heating systems and keep the thermostat low in bedrooms, halls and rooms that are not used often.
  • Turn off unused lights and appliances, especially televisions.
  • Insulate the attic including the pipes and the tanks. Don’t forget to insulate the trapdoor also.
  • Draught proof the windows and doors. If changing them go for double glazed units instead.
  • Insulate the walls - the largest area of heat loss. There are now numerous cheap ways of doing this.
  • Regularly service appliances, especially the boiler.
  • Fit energy efficient boilers when buying or replacing a central heating boiler.
  • When buying appliances, go for the Energy Efficient models.
  • Use low energy light bulbs (CFL’s). Although they cost more they use less energy and last much longer.

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