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A big THANK YOU to all who turned out for the Clean Up on Saturday 27th March. Trojan work was done by all and the children deserve a special word of praise for their enthusiasm. What we lacked in numbers was made up for in effort and there was a noticeable improvement in the appearances of the grass verges by Saturday evening.

We are depending on everyone in the community to keep them that way

Litter along the roads is an eyesore and a blight on our living environment. Among the items of rubbish picked up along the roads were bottles and cans, crisp and sweet wrappers, cigarette packets, plastic bags and whole sacks of household rubbish.

If you discard these things along the side of the road what do you think happens to them? They don’t just disappear; plastics, glass, and metal do not break down, someone has to pick up all that rubbish. It is up to each one of us to reduce the amount of litter in the countryside. Bring those cans and bottles home with you.  Parents can encourage their children by example and make sure that they bring home their wrappers and bags. Smokers, the countryside is not your ashtray, bring those cigarette packets home and don’t even think about emptying your ashtray on the side of the road! As for those who dump their household rubbish in sacks along our roads, if you see this happening or you come across litter that has been dumped ring the Kildare County Council Litter Warden, Noel Geoghegan at 087-2848563 or 873838. Public littering like this is an offence. The work is not complete yet, but a good beginning has been made. Each of us can do our bit by trying to keep our immediate area tidy.

Once the road verges have been tidied up we can enjoy the beauty of the countryside in Spring. At this time of the year the hedgerows are blossoming with primroses, snowdrops, wood anemones, foxgloves, herb robert, dog violets, lady’s smock, buttercups and hawthorn; later on the larger plants such as elder, crab apple, dog roses and many more will flower. These plants are a pleasure for us all but please don’t pick them. Flowers in the wild can be enjoyed by all, if you pick them and bring them home you will have the pleasure of them for a short time but you are depriving others of their enjoyment.

"Thank You, to all who helped to clean up our roads"

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