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_________February Donadea News_________



Sincere sympathy is expressed to Dolores Kennedy, Cooltrim, Donadea, on the death of her beloved brother, Martin Murphy (R.I.P.), from Co.Meath.


Josh Rose and his helpers (Pat McLoughlin, Liam and young Maeve Holton) erected the Christmas tree kindly donated by Coillte. Mackey's shop, Donadea, kindly donated the beautiful set of lights that lit up the tree with Christmas cheer. Josh and his helpers planted a large selection of spring bulbs around the junction. A very generous local person who wishes to remain anonymous donated these bulbs. Also thanks to Larry Doran for donating the heathers for the junction. Thank you also to Pat McLoughlin and Gerry Brennan for clearing the soil and rubble at the junction, it's a big improvement to the area.


Friends of Donadea Forest, Tir Na Mona, invite you to a Public Forum in St. Kevin's Clubhouse, Staplestown, Donadea, on Tuesday 26th February 2002 at 8.00 pm. Working with Coillte and Kildare County Council, we are hoping to expand the facilities available to the public at Donadea Forest Park by developing the gardens, buildings and the tower. A broadly supported plan will be necessary for this purpose. The meeting will be facilitated and your input will be welcomed.


This year's concert kicked off at 2pm in front of Donadea Castle; the day was sunny, dry and cool. A large crowd assembled at 2pm to hear members of Kilcock Ceoltais play some lively traditional tunes. In fact this group of musicians was vital in getting the event off on a lively note. Brian Maher and Dessie Marron were next to perform with "Sweet Caroline". Our wren appeared next and he told us about how the wren became King of the Birds. Next up were Katie Burns, Siobhan Dougan and Alison Kidd who performed so well the songs that won them a Scor award recently. Next came the wren boys who looked meaner and better than ever. Full credit to all who dressed up in wren boys costumes. Paddy and Gail looked very threatening in their Viking outfits along with Aonghus who came as a hunter!, also the Colgan and Fitzsimons children deserve special mention for their costumes. Next Vincent Waters and his Staplestown scouts appeared in their wren boy's attire, they recited the Wren song, and we look forward to a bigger input from them next year. Alice Holton and Roisin Bolger played some lively tunes on their tin whistles. The strawboys came next and they looked so well prepared this year. They are as always a big hit with the kids. Josh Rose our juggling Wren Boy put on a brilliant performance juggling with balls and fire; the man has great talent. The wren appeared again and the wren boys were soon on his tail. He was almost captured when the straw boys shielded him from the angry wren boys who eventually gave up and conceded defeat and the wren was safe for another year. Next up to perform was Ned Farrell from Prosperous and his daughter Geraldine. We are very grateful to Ned and Geraldine for performing for us. We ended the afternoon with a medley of Christmas songs. It was then back to Connollys Pub where the father and mother of a session was in full swing with musicians from Kilcock, Donadea and Kill playing to the joy of the large crowd. Some of the straw boys and wren boys were very late to leave the establishment, as they were very caught up in their work of entertaining the crowd!! Well done to all who took part in arranging the event. Special thanks to Pat McLoughlin, Josh Rose, Alan Byrne, Vincent Waters, Kevin Doran, Mick Mooney, James & Mary Reid and to Marian and her daughter for the very welcome sandwiches and especially to the performers who made the event such a success. Over £700 was collected on the day and the proceeds go to Newtown Donadea Senior Citizens Day Care Centre.


NEIGHBOURS! We want to alert you to the fact that there is a rash of petty thievery happening in the community at the moment. Remember to take sensible precautions against the opportunistic thief Ė Donít leave your car unlocked . Donít leave valuables in plain sight in your car. Remember to check your doors and windows are closed when you leave the house and last thing at night. Letís watch out for each other and especially for the more vulnerable in the community. We can nip this in the bud if we are vigilant. If you see anything suspicous contact your local community alert group

  • Timahoe Paddy Maher 087-2582320

  • Coill Dubh John Roddy 860354

  • Staplestown James Egan 869564

  • Donadea Iggi Callaghan 869409 & district Donadea/ Dolores Kennedy 869206 Tiermoghan Or the Tir Na Mona office at 869977

  • Or your local Garda station or 999.

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