November 25, 2009

Dorans Park Application

Dorans Park Application Applicant Name: Armston Properties Ltd Development Description: for development of a mixed-use scheme on a site of 4.9hectares, approximately, comprising lands at “The Park” Ballymore Eustace East. The proposed development will consist of : 52 No, residential units (7,663 sq m) ;a 60-bed Nursing Home(2,786 sq m ); a Medical Centre (174sq m); and 4 No. Rural Enterprise Units(to accommodate work-shop (140 sq m)and/or retail (145 sq m)uses, providing a total area of 560-580 sq m ). The resulting development will have a gross floor area of between 11,183 sq m- 11,203 sq m, approximately (dependent on the end use of the Rural Enterprise Units). A Public Park of 9,527 sq m is also provided. The residential component of the proposed development comprised: 16 No. 4-bed 2-storey detached houses (2,968 sq m-house types A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), 8 No. of which have a detached double garage(total area 216 sq m); 14 No. 3-bed 2-storey semi-detached houses(1,904 sq m); and 22 No. terraced dwellings (including 3 No. 4-bed (614 sq m), 6 No. 3-bed (812 sq m) and13 No. 2-bed units(1,149 sq m). The development will also consist of the provision of private and public open spaces ( in addition to the public park and including a children’s playground); hard and soft landscaping; a water attenuation pond and channel; changes in level; boundary treatments; pedestrian access points; internal roads and footpaths; car and bicycle parking spaces; services provision; ancillary plant and all other necessary site development and excavation works above and below ground Development Address: "The Park" Ballymore Eustace East Ballymore Eustace Number: 091262 Local Authority: Kildare County Council Date Received: 11/11/2009 Type: PERMISSION Submissions By: 15/12/2009 Due Date: 14/01/2010