December 12, 2008

Local Planning Cases

Selction of recent local planning cases.

Re : 8/520
construction of new sludge treatment plant comprising 1 no. sludge treatment building, 3 no.
thickened sludge storage tanks, 1 no. dried sludge storage silo and associated site infrastructure.

Re: Planning application no 07/81 John Lyons
“Change of use of part of ground floor from residential to retail and alternative use of entire ground
floor to coffee shop/restaurant incorporating the sale of food and beverages and their consumption on and
off the premises,etc.”

Re: Planning application no:  07/1692
Mr Patrick Dowling
17 no. detached dwellings, consisting of 8 no. 4 bed and 9 no. 5 bed, new entrance,
connection to local authority services and all associated site works

An Bord Pleanana File:

FILE NUMBER: 07/2423
DEVELOPMENT ADDRESS: Bishopsland, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare
DEVELOPMENT DESCRIPTION: full phased restoration of a sand and gravel pit comprising of the s
imultaneous removal of sand and gravel and reinstatement with inert waste material and all
associated site works and services

An Bord Pleanana File:

Re: Planning application no:  06/1454
Armston Properties Ltd
Development at “Ballymore Eustace East” (Known as Doran’s Park)
Housing Development consisting of 20 no. 4 bedroom detached 2 storey houses, 40 no.
4 bedroom semidetached 2 storey houses & 12 no. 3 bedroom 2 storey townhouses a
nd all ancillary site works

Re: Planning application no:  04/1533 KTK Sand & Gravel Ltd
Development at Naas Rd Ballymore Eustace

Re: Planning application no:  04/1615
Michael McGinn & Frank Cleary
Development at "Anna Villa" Plunkett Road Ballymore Eustace
“Demolition of an existing two storey dwelling and the construction of a
development (gross floor area circa 1234sq.mts) in 4 no. two storey blocks consisting
of: Block 1:Childcare unit and one shop with two offices overhead. Block 2:Two shops etc  “

Re: Planning application no:  03/329 Ballymore Contracting Ltd
Development at Naas Rd Ballymore Eustace
“Demolition of a single story dwelling house, demolition of our existing premises, and the
construction of a two story office building and a two story apartment development
comprising twenty eight individual apartments & creation of a new entrance.”

An Bord Pleanana File:

File Number 07/1790 - Blackbourne Partnership 
Construction of 73 houses consisting of 3,4,5 and 6 Beds to include dormer, two storey, detached,
semi-detached and terraced dwellings connection to existing water mains, all associated site works.

An Bord Pleanana File: