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Have you any ideas for the Ballymore Eustace website? Would your club or organisation like to have pages on this site? We welcome your feeback and comments. Please click the link below to open the comments form. Fill in your comments and submit the form.


Well done Tom.
It has the makings of a great resource.
Thanks for the links.


Excellent website. I wish to pass my recommendation about Mr C Dennison and his 'LENS' abilities. Any photography needs!!!

Ok, I'm doing a history project in school about BME & I was wonderimg if you could give me some info on the two churches in Ballymore? Haha, thank youu

You'll get Ballymore Eustace LocalHistory Group at this link.

hello just a quick question, was wondering when is the bugle out and how often? we held a march in ballymore for frank driver on sunday last nov 16th and would love to see the pictures takin on the day.

reply - December Ballymore Bugle out this week. Also, we'll get pics published online, asap, on the bugle pics, see button on homepage, 8th down from top.

What a great site .Can I have Poulaphouca House included on the site. Web address is under Eating out , Pub Accommodation,Also venu for Weddings and parties,please.
I would also like to advertise on the Bugle Magazine . Can you get back to me Please .

Reply: Thanks for your comments. Tim will contact you.

Congratulations on your website. I only came on it by chance. I have stolen some photos from it for my Blog (see URL). Wishing you all the best in your effort.
M.P.K (Barrack St. of old. Now, Wexford)

We liked it very much being here in Ballymore Eustace. We'd recommend it to more people but not too much so you'll have a summer with not too many foreigners!

Hi, I have just moved to the area and would like to get in touch with someone regarding the gaa. Would you be able to help me please?

Hi!just browsing through your website,it's very interesting and has the makings of somethig big! well done to everyone involved. will you please contact me about advertising.I will use this site for updates on Liffey Residents Association.

My wife an I recently visited Ballymore Eustace, we wish to pass on our thanks to Tom & Lila MeGee for their incrediable hospitaliy and friendship.An inspiration to the people of Ballymore Eustace. Also to the Managemt, staff and patrons of Paddy Murphys Pub for their hospitality to two Australian Visitors

As a native of Poulaphouca many years ago I would appreciate if you could let me know where can I contact a member to get this book.

Many thanks.

Evelyn Pugh Carolan

Hi! I think your site is very good,I use it to see what is happening in BME,Poulaphouca House is listed under Accomodation and the email address is wrong,can you change it to and include our Web; please.
Also we have the following events Comimg up in Poulaphouca House.Race Night on 6th Feb Fund raiser for Hollywood GFC.
Feb 13th Bluegrass Country Music Night with Cotton Pickin Rodeo Clowns Fund Raiser for Our Ladies Hospital Crumlin and Valleymont N/S
I would appreciate it if you can put these up on your events page.
Thank you, If there is a charge please let me know.
Thank you
Rita Malone

Excellent website.

Do you know anyone who could help me trace an old friend whose family used to live at Blackhall, near Eadestown? I live in Sweden.

Hello, I would like to try to get in touch with Des Byrne and Margaret Whealan now Mr and Mrs Des Byrne. 60 years ago Des and I played for dances in Ballymore Parochial Hall. Des played piano and I played piano accordion. I also played for the champion dancers, the Whealans. Please ask Des to get in touch with me via email.

Hi I live in Blackhall near Eadestown. Who is it you are looking to get in contact with? Would be glad to help

Hello Billy

A blast from the past!!

This is Des. Would love to hear from you!

Where are you - I've retired to Dorset in UK and have lived in England for 54 years now.

Married to BRIGID Whelan!!

Do get in touch...would love to catch up.


Hello! Craig Browne from Liffey Heights here sayin howya from scholl, very board so i thought i'd say a quick hello to the greatest town in the world.

I have created a site that brings visitors below the poulaphuca reservoir. I think your readers may be interested in visiting the site so here is the link.

Thanks for building a practical resource website for Ballymore visitors. This proves very helpful for all who care to travel here.

There will be plenty of activities for children over the summer holidays, including the annual Bookvine competition agianst Wicklow Library. Come along, borrow a book and help us keep the trophy. Stories, crafts etc all summer. 045 891740
[We would like to add our opening hours and other details to the site]


Just like to draw your attention to my blog about planning in Kildare - might be of interest to your readers.

David Mulcahy
Chartered Planning Consultant
Co. Kildare

My ancestor William Eustace emigrated to Liverpool when he was a teenager during the Great Famine.the names William and John and Annie repeat in many Generations.Any information or referals greatly appreciated

Great Website - well done. Is there any possibility that you can include details of Golden Falls Waterski Club ? Our overseas enquiries have never been so high. We have programmes throughout the Summer for beginners, groups, children, Day Camps and special occasions. Our Coach, Daryl, can also be contacted any time on 087 668 6225. All are very welcome and this is the only Waterski Club within the wider Dublin area !

hi there,

I run kayaking courses in the area and was just wondering if I could put info about same on this site?


jenny :-)

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any Headon's in Ballymore Eustace. If so, I would like to get in touch with them. I am from Australia and I'm doing family research. I have traced my ancestry to Ballymore Eustace.
Thanks for your help.

hi i just wanted to know would it be possible to promote the playbarn adventure centre for children which is located in johnstown on this website? we have toddler mornings, after school programs etc

We are visiting your town April 7th. My Great Grandparents used to have a flour mill there Brady Flour Mill. Has anyone heard of that? Also is there a B &B there we could stay at? Thank you

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