working "sub - group"

About us

This website has been initiated by a group of Ballymore Eustace parish
residents, and is just one of the agreed projects taken on board.
bringing together local action groups and C.D.A as a working "sub - group"
which agree to advise Ballymore Eustace C.D.A. on planning submissions and other
issues concerning the community.
All parties agree that a unified approach is necessary to help protect the
unique living environment and quality of life we are privilaged to enjoy in
Ballymore Eustace.At the same time it's the aim of the group to promote and
preserve what makes ballymore Eustace a special village.

members of the group are as follows:

Steve Deegan
Christy Dennison
Mike Edmonds
James Kelly
Maurice Mason
Tom O Keeffe
Martine Rigney
Fiona Woods

Some items we hope to make progress on:
1.   A playground for Ballymore Eustace - Fiona Woods is leading the charge on 
getting a group of interested parents together who will help research 
the potential cost and location of a much-needed playground in 
Ballymore Eustace for the younger children.  Following the lead from the 
parents in Blessington, we intend to get a playground for the village 
where young children can play safely. [Potential locations such as 
the river walk and Doran's Meadow will be considered along with other 
sites. ][[ Interested parents should contact Fiona

2.   What have we got ? - The CDA is commissioning research into who 
and what make up the community of Ballymore Eustace. Using a model 
called Asset Based Community Development, the CDA hopes to unearth 
all those hidden gems of the village, both human and otherwise, 
commercial and social, so that we can all get much more out of the 
fantastic environment we are privileged to live in.

3.   Ballymore Eustace walkways - Eric Firth is going to publish a map of all 
the walks in and around the village so that both visitors and locals 
can enjoy the beauty of the river and countryside. This map will be 
available at the new CDA notice board that we hope to site by the 
fountain and of course in the next edition of the Bugle.

4.   Ballymore Eustace in 2012  - A number of groups have come together to help 
the CDA prepare for the draft area plan which we expect to be issued 
by Kildare County Council next year. The committee advising the CDA 
on this is comprised of Maurice Mason and Eric Firth of the CDA, 
Stephen Deegan, Martine Rigney, Mike Edmonds, Christy Dennison, Tom O'Keeffe and James Kelly.

5.   Ballymore Eustace online - Tom O'Keeffe is preparing a website for the 
village, "Ballymore Eustace Online"