Deadline 28 June Draft County Development Plan 2011-2017


Draft County Development Plan 2011-2017

Kildare County Council are receiving submissions from various interested parties which will influence the future direction of development in the village - perhaps you might disagree with some of these arguments - are you interested in expressing your opinion? You should be! The draft plan is available on KCC website. REMEMBER this is a DRAFT plan, not the final plan. The final outcome will be the result of more representations being made by various parties, some of which you might not agree with. So the process is there, use it!

Draft County Development Plan 2011-2017

Ballymore Eustace which previously submitted to KCC a Local Area Plan/Development Plan, and for which it was intended to prepare an LAP/DP, is now included as a Village Plan in this Draft Plan:

You can view the draft plan at Áras Chill Dara, Naas, Co. Kildare  from 9am to 4pm or on www .kildarecountycouncil . ie

Observations and submissions on the Draft Plan and/or Environmental Report  may be made in one of the following ways:

Write to: Mary Foley, Administrative Officer, Planning Department, Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Naas, Co. Kildare
Email to: cdpsubmissions@kildarecoco . ie

Link to Kildare Co Council webpage Page containing Draft Plan D

Link to Section 12 Architectural and Archaeological Heritage,22232,en.pdf

12.8.3 Architectural Conservation Areas
It is the policy of the Council:
ACA 1: To investigate the designation of further
ACAs at appropriate locations throughout
the county to include Celbridge, Kildare
Town, Johnstown, Ballymore Eustace,
Kilcullen, Brannockstown,

Comment from Tidy Towns Adjudication Report 2009
"The Built Environment of Ballymore Eustace is a major asset to the village. In the view of the adjudicator, the strength of Ballymore Eustace is a combination of factors which taken together give a very distinctive and one of the most attractive villages in the county. Firstly, the number of high quality buildings on view mean that the streetscapes are original and distinctive – of particular note are Headons Bar, the Ballymore Inn, the Art Gallery and Paddy Murphys. Secondly, the fact that so many historical buildings have been retained means that the terraces of buildings are intact. This is a rarity in modern Ireland, particularly in the Greater Dublin Area and one hopes that the buildings can continue to be preserved. In view of the number of Protected Structures identified in the village, it is recommended that the option of establishing an Architectural Conservation Area in Ballymore Eustance should be explored with Kildare County Council."

Link toSection 14 Landscape, Recreation and Amenities,22054,en.pdf

Link to Section 17 Village Plans and Rural Settlements,22233,en.pdf

"VRS 2: To facilitate sustainable population growth
of the identified villages with growth levels
of up to 25% over the Plan period"


"VRS 6 To generally control the scale of individual development proposals to 10-15% of the existing housing stock of any village or settlement over the lifetime of the County Development Plan in accordance with the Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas Guidelines (2009). For example, for a village of 800 people, the typical pattern and grain of existing development suggests that any individual scheme for new housing should not be larger than 26 - 40 residential unit"





N81 Tallaght to Hollywood Cross re-route

Ballymore Eustace Community Development Association are holding an open meeting for local residents and interested parties at : Community Resource Centre, Ballymore Eustace. On Date:Tuesday 4th May At: 9 PM
We would be very grateful if you could attend this meeting. Looking forward to meeting you there.

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Dorans Park Application

Dorans Park Application Applicant Name: Armston Properties Ltd Development Description: for development of a mixed-use scheme on a site of 4.9hectares, approximately, comprising lands at “The Park” Ballymore Eustace East. The proposed development will consist of : 52 No, residential units (7,663 sq m) ;a 60-bed Nursing Home(2,786 sq m ); a Medical Centre (174sq m); and 4 No. Rural Enterprise Units(to accommodate work-shop (140 sq m)and/or retail (145 sq m)uses, providing a total area of 560-580 sq m ). The resulting development will have a gross floor area of between 11,183 sq m- 11,203 sq m, approximately (dependent on the end use of the Rural Enterprise Units). A Public Park of 9,527 sq m is also provided. The residential component of the proposed development comprised: 16 No. 4-bed 2-storey detached houses (2,968 sq m-house types A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), 8 No. of which have a detached double garage(total area 216 sq m); 14 No. 3-bed 2-storey semi-detached houses(1,904 sq m); and 22 No. terraced dwellings (including 3 No. 4-bed (614 sq m), 6 No. 3-bed (812 sq m) and13 No. 2-bed units(1,149 sq m). The development will also consist of the provision of private and public open spaces ( in addition to the public park and including a children’s playground); hard and soft landscaping; a water attenuation pond and channel; changes in level; boundary treatments; pedestrian access points; internal roads and footpaths; car and bicycle parking spaces; services provision; ancillary plant and all other necessary site development and excavation works above and below ground Development Address: "The Park" Ballymore Eustace East Ballymore Eustace Number: 091262 Local Authority: Kildare County Council Date Received: 11/11/2009 Type: PERMISSION Submissions By: 15/12/2009 Due Date: 14/01/2010

Thatch Planning application



Applicant Name: Michael and Renee McGinn
Development Description: for: Extension to the Thatch Pub, Main St., Ballymore Eustace consisting of a two storey eight B&B guest rooms and staff room floor area of 229 square metres, revised carparking layout, demolition of existing keg store (31 square metres) and construction of new keg store 42 square metres and ancillary site works
Development Address: The Thatch Pub
Main Street
Ballymore Eustace
Co. Kildare
Engineering Area: 5
File Number: 09842
Local Authority: Kildare County Council
Date Received: 20/07/2009
Submissions By: 24/08/2009 
Due Date: n/a
Decision Date (MO): n/a
Grant Date: n/a
Further Info. Requested: 10/09/2009


"1. It is considered that the proposed development is generally acceptable in principle; however the planning authority has serious concerns regarding the visual impact of the overall height, scale, proportion, roof pitch and design of the proposed development within the context of the existing streetscape and ground levels of the street. Having regard to the special character of Ballymore Eustace village, the prominent location of the proposed development fronting onto Main Street, the highly visible northern side elevation and the architectural merit of the adjoining structures to the north of the site (NIAH Ref 11820013), it is considered that a revised proposal of a significantly higher architectural quality is required. "




FILE NUMBER: 07/2423

significant further information has been received by the Planning Authority
Any submissions/observations in relation to the information received should be made to the Planning Authority, in writing, within a period of two weeks (or five weeks in the case of applications accompanied by an EIS) from the date the public notices were received by the Planning Authority, ie 09/01/2009

Local Planning Cases

Selction of recent local planning cases.

Re : 8/520
construction of new sludge treatment plant comprising 1 no. sludge treatment building, 3 no.
thickened sludge storage tanks, 1 no. dried sludge storage silo and associated site infrastructure.

Re: Planning application no 07/81 John Lyons
“Change of use of part of ground floor from residential to retail and alternative use of entire ground
floor to coffee shop/restaurant incorporating the sale of food and beverages and their consumption on and
off the premises,etc.”

Re: Planning application no:  07/1692
Mr Patrick Dowling
17 no. detached dwellings, consisting of 8 no. 4 bed and 9 no. 5 bed, new entrance,
connection to local authority services and all associated site works

An Bord Pleanana File:

FILE NUMBER: 07/2423
DEVELOPMENT ADDRESS: Bishopsland, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare
DEVELOPMENT DESCRIPTION: full phased restoration of a sand and gravel pit comprising of the s
imultaneous removal of sand and gravel and reinstatement with inert waste material and all
associated site works and services

An Bord Pleanana File:

Re: Planning application no:  06/1454
Armston Properties Ltd
Development at “Ballymore Eustace East” (Known as Doran’s Park)
Housing Development consisting of 20 no. 4 bedroom detached 2 storey houses, 40 no.
4 bedroom semidetached 2 storey houses & 12 no. 3 bedroom 2 storey townhouses a
nd all ancillary site works

Re: Planning application no:  04/1533 KTK Sand & Gravel Ltd
Development at Naas Rd Ballymore Eustace

Re: Planning application no:  04/1615
Michael McGinn & Frank Cleary
Development at "Anna Villa" Plunkett Road Ballymore Eustace
“Demolition of an existing two storey dwelling and the construction of a
development (gross floor area circa 1234sq.mts) in 4 no. two storey blocks consisting
of: Block 1:Childcare unit and one shop with two offices overhead. Block 2:Two shops etc  “

Re: Planning application no:  03/329 Ballymore Contracting Ltd
Development at Naas Rd Ballymore Eustace
“Demolition of a single story dwelling house, demolition of our existing premises, and the
construction of a two story office building and a two story apartment development
comprising twenty eight individual apartments & creation of a new entrance.”

An Bord Pleanana File:

File Number 07/1790 - Blackbourne Partnership 
Construction of 73 houses consisting of 3,4,5 and 6 Beds to include dormer, two storey, detached,
semi-detached and terraced dwellings connection to existing water mains, all associated site works.

An Bord Pleanana File:

Donode Readymix Site work commences