Posted 01/12/2015

Short Grass Films

Dedicated to promoting and supporting film making in Kildare

Kildare is a county known for its fertile green pastures and open grasslands.
Kildare is also a fertile ground for film making - in terms of locations, access, information and resources.

Film Resources

Via the Short Grass Films website you will find

  • Artistic Crew - Directors, Editors, Producers, Writers
  • Technical Crew - Animation, Costumes, Makeup, Music, Props, Sound/Lighting, Set Design
  • Actors - Young Actors (Girls & Boys)
  • Facilities Directory - Locations, Production Houses, Resources, Youth Theatre
  • Funded Films

The following movies and tv shows were Filmed in Kildare
  • Charlie 2015
  • King Arthur 2004
  • The Count of Monte Cristo 2002
  • I Went Down 1997
  • Braveheart 1995
  • Eat the Peach 1986
  • The Irish R.M. 1983-1985

Bringing film to Kildare
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