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Welcome to the FADA Website

FADA: Fuinneamh An Dúchais Againn

(the Vigour of what’s Native is Ours), implying confidence in the strength of what is local (to one’s place) and innate (to our human nature). 


FADA is a network of volunteers in
County Kildare, , who prepare local villages for peak oil, climate chaos and economic difficulties by restoring our traditional, self-reliant economy and sense of community. It was formed after the Energy Forum, an event discussing peak oil organised in April 2006 by the Newbridge Integral Philosophy Group.

In the last two years we have:


• Organized an Energy Fair that drew hundreds of local residents.


• Persuaded the county’s largest industry to switch to clean energy. 

• Began the world’s only weekly peak oil newspaper column.


• Brought churches together in a campaign against climate change.


• Appeared with Transition Town creator Rob Hopkins on RTE.


• Created a mobile gardening unit to turn lawns into vegetable gardens.


• Organized an allotment to allow local people to grow their own food.


• Moderated a political debate between candidates of several parties.

• Hosted a talk on peak oil by Irish television personality Eddie Hobbs.


• Gave talks on four possible future scenarios for the world.


• Spoke to hundreds of teenaged students at the Riverbank Theatre. 

• Brought local teens together to create a FADA Og, or Young People’s FADA.


• Helped make Kildare Town the area’s first official Transition Town.


On November 1, FADA will host a Feile na Samhna (Halloween Festival) at the Ryston Social Club in Newbridge. Local residents can learn traditional crafts and skills; children can enjoy child-friendly workshops and theatre; experts will talk about peak oil and the Transition Town movement; local students will present an exhibition on life in the early 20th century; and local organisations will host booths on seed saving, bee-keeping and forestry.

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Feile na Samhna Poster [Oct 17, 2008]
Saturday November 1st at The Ryston Social Club Newbridge Celebrate your community and raise your spirits. Beat the world crisis blues. Taste, smell, hear and see Newbridge in a new light. Sow some seeds for your community in a fun,...

Feile na Samhna [Oct 13, 2008]
The one-day, family-friendly event will feature traditional hand crafts and skills, talks on peak oil, climate change and the Long Emergency, low-tech kids entertainment, a heritage exhibition compiled by local students, local artists, dancers, performers and musicians.