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Newbridge Local Links

Newbridge Shopper: An excellent site with a lot of information about Newbridge. It includes updates on political issues in Newbridge as well as overviews of events taking place in the town. The website also has sections on recycling and car pooling. Definetelly worth a look!

Newbridge Cycle Club: For more information on the cycle club contact Kenny Bucke at 045 434313 or 086 8476377 or send a mail by clicking here


Peak Oil and Energy


Energy Bulletin : A great clearinghouse of peak oil and climate change information

ASPO: The Association for the Study of Peak Oil is one of the most recognised and most quoted sources of information for Peak Oil.

The Oil Drum : The best site for detailed peak oil analyses from scientists.

Post Carbon Institute : News site for post-carbon world

Life After the Oil Crash : Another collection of peak oil essays

Power Switch

Worldchanging : a site focused on entrepreneurial solutions to peak oil and climate change

Future Shock- End of the Oil Age: An excellent documentary by RTÉ's Chief Economic Correspondent, George Lee, exploring the implications of peak oil for Ireland. You can view the documentary at . Graham Strouts was the main speaker at the Newbridge Energy Forum. He is the coordinator of the Practical Sustainability course at Kinsale Further Education College. Interesting articles on Peak Oil and Permaculture. : Rob Hopkins was Graham Strout's predecessor at Kinsale. He is now doing a PhD in Energy Descent in England. His site is highly informative and accessible on all issues pertaining to Peak Oil and localisation.  

Global Public Media : Excellent source of interviews, video and audio about peak oil and climate change

Wolf at the Door : An impassioned collection of peak oil news and essays

Peak Oil Hong Kong: This is one of the many sites that monitor news about peak oil and present relevant reports. It has a particular focus on how peak oil will affect Hong Kong.


The Long Emergency – A dire but eloquent description of the coming decades, by James Howard Kunstler

The Party’s Over – A good overview of peak oil by scholar Richard Heinberg

Half Gone – A look at both peak oil and climate change by former oil-industry geologist Jeremy Leggett



Willits Economic Localisation Project: Willits has been the inspiration for localisation groups in Ireland in general and FADA in particular. This site is well worth a visit to see a successful project and its methods.

The Relocalisation Network: This site illustrates the phenomenal swell of localisation initiatives operating all over the globe.

The Powerdown Community Project: This is a part of the website that has news from powerdown communities around Ireland.

Transition Initiatives Primer: This is an exellent document full of ideas on how to become a Transition Town, City, District, Village, Community or even Island. You can get the September 2007 version by clicking here 

Sustainability Magazine: The very interesting Sustainability Magazine is Ireland's only publication dedicated entirely to issues pertinent to sustainability. The focus is on feature articles rather than news items. The magazine has a very good mixture of practical articles (like advice on renewable energy products and technologies, sustainable building materials and methods on how to grow food) and ones which provide background information on topical issues such as climate change and fossil fuel depletion.

Sustainability Institute: The Sustainability Institute is the parent organisation from which the Sustainability magazine was conceived. The Institute is committed to the propagation of ideas central to the concept of sustainability, and to providing a forum for appropriate training and instruction. This is an excellent website for courses run by the Institute, for subscribing to the Sustainability magazine and also for general information regarding sustainability issues (like sustainable energy).

The 100 mile diet


Irish Village Markets

Resurgence - Sustainability Magazine:This magazine covers a range of issues connected with sustainability such as local solutions, economics, alternative energies, food, art and philosophy/spirituality.    

Official open space technology website:

Other Open Space information pages:

Community Solutions : US web site about organizing local communities


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Energy Ireland: The official Irish organisation promoting sustainable energy. There is a lot of information explaining renewable energy and giving energy efficiency tips. SEI is also the administrator for the Greener Homes Scheme (grants for certain types of renewable energy systems). They are a good source of information and can provide lists of suppliers, auditors or anything else you might recuire related to sustainable energy.

Telephone: SEI's Renewable Energy Information Office: 023 42193 (They are happy to post you information if you wish)

Website:  (information on the Greener Homes Scheme can be found under the Grants section)

Centre for Alternative Technology: This is a most informative and accessible site with fact sheets on many forms of renewable energy and several other issues. There is also a lot of information on DIY systems.



FEASTA: The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability is involved in some very interesting projects investigating and promoting the economic, cultural and environmental characteristics of a truly sustainable society.

Cultivate : The Cultivate Centre in Dublin is a tryly unique place with many interesting activities going on. Their objective is to respond to energy vulnerability and climate change by providing access to the knowledge and tools to cultivate sustainable lifestyles and resilient communities. The Centre organises some very interesting courses, hosts lectures and runs an excellent shop with environmentally-friendly products.

Walnut BooksThis is a Cork-based independent specialist green book store.  All tittles can also be ordered through their excellent website. They offer a variety of titles on Permaculture, organic food and gardening - sustainable design, energy and living.

Click HERE to check out what your carbon footprint is, which parameters affect it and what you can do to change it!




The Household Cyclopedia is a book of general knowledge printed in 1881. It
was scanned and reproduced as a website by  Matthew Spong, in 1998. Check it out at:

Stop Climate Chaos Campaign: This is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing runaway climate change.

How money works and Local Exchange Trading Systems :

Grist : US web site for ecological news

Friends of the Earth Ireland

The Ecologist Magazine: A UK based publication with very interesting articles and researchers on a variety of well known and not-so-well-known environmental issues. They also offer a mail newsletter for free.

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