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Last Updated October 17, 2008

Feile na Samhna Poster

Saturday November 1st at The Ryston Social Club
Celebrate your community and raise your spirits. Beat the world crisis blues. Taste, smell, hear and see Newbridge in a new light. Sow some seeds for your community in a fun, positive way. Gather ideas, information. Be creative. Jam packed, family friendly fun



Children’s Entertainment


Armagh Rhymers


The Armagh Rhymers are one of Ireland’s most celebrated folk theatre ensembles. They have delighted audiences all over the world with their unique blend of music, drama, song and dance. Performing “The Enormous Turnip”
Time 1.30 – 2.30            Admission free


Puppet show  “Helena’s Friends” Eileen Kennedy


Time 4.30 –5.30                   Admission free


Under 6 safe play area with story teling, simple crafts and fun






Armagh Rhymers   Age 6 up  


As part of The Enormous Turnip the Armagh Rhymers run a preparatory drama and mask making workshop where the participants learn the history of  folk theatre and prepare to participate in the play.


 Mask Making      Price €5            Time 11.00 – 12.00


 Drama                   Price €5          Time 12.00 – 1.00


Wormery  in a Bottle Age 6 up


Meet squiggly worms close up and make your own wormery from a 2l plastic bottle, paper, muck, apple cores and of course lovely worms go into this recycled home. Price €5  Times     12.30-1.00/ 1.00-1.30/1.30- 2.00


Willow Weaving   Age 6 up


Make individual willow art pieces using organic locally grown willow    


Price  €9    Times   12.00 – 1.00/ 1.30 –2.30


Windmill Pea Frame Age 8 up


Make your own brightly coloured windmill that is also a pea frame for growing your peas and beans up, all made from natural and recycled materials.
Time   11.0 –12.00      Price €10



Workshops General


Jabba Jabba Jembe Drumming


Suits all ages


 Time     11.00-12.00            Price €10



Felt making workshop


Beginners Workshop, a basic intro to felt making
Using natural Irish and Australian wool. It’s simply magic.
Open to all ages, under 7 needs to be accompanied


Willow Wonder   


Suitable for adult beginners and refreshers


Learn to make a basket step by step  from beginning to end. Bring home a completed basket. Promise. Round work base will be provided


Pre booking essential ph. Beth087 6462528


 Price  €25   Times   12.00  –2.00





Archery - All day


Re-enactment demonstration and
 Instruction in making arrows


Heritage oral histories exhibition


Colaiste Gael Students present


How it was to live in Newbridge in the 30’s and 40’s





 Spinning, Bead making, Hair wraps




Windows of Opportunity



Talks 11.00 – 2.15


Brian Kaller - Peak Oil  - 11.00


Theresa Carter - Transition Towns - 12.00


David Philip - Community Powerdown toolkit - 12.30


Eleanor Sutherland - Herbal healing from the hedgerows 1.30



World Café 2.30 – 4.30


Facilitated discussion forum inviting  you to consider


“What could be the seeds from which positive change for Newbridge will grow? “


Hosted by





Culture Factory Film Exhibition 2.30 – 8.00



Food 11.00- 6.00


Dine at the Holographic Cafe on the Big Blue Bus organic Pizzas, burgers, etc


Sup at the Windows of opportunity Café serving fair-trade coffee, tea and refreshments



Abundant Gardens Section


Future Forests stall


Healing Herb Plants stall


Gardening information and resources stall


Seed Savers info stand


South Kildare Bee Keeping



Stands/Stalls 11.00 – 4.30


Crann, Carlow/Kilkenny Energy Agency, Change,


FADA, Kildare CoCo Environmental Dept.


Kildare Steiner School, Culture Factory   + more


Walnut Books, recycled jewellery, craft supplies, soaps + more





Pumpkin Carving, Fancy dress


Entries close by 2.00



The Culture Factory


Is Proud To Present


Go Funk yourself


Cutting off Kids
Band on an Island
Main Hall


A collection of films from young filmakers including:
Culture Factory Dream
Love & Adventure
The Affected
Upstairs 2 – 5
Find out more about us from 2-4 at our information stall


All Welcome



Kildare Youth Theatre
Performing short devised pieces 7-10pm


Last Updated April 24, 2008

Past Events

                            Past Events list:

April 2008: FADA Energy Workshop

Local volunteer group FADA Newbridge organised a free Energy Workshop in Ryston Social Centre, Newbridge on Saturday 12th of April 2008. The event was organised in order to assist local people in Newbridge on choosing suitable alternative and sustainable energy systems such as wood pellet boilers, solar panels for water heating as well heat pumps. These cheaper alternative heating systems to oil and gas are becoming particularly relevant considering the rising costs of both fuels over the past year.

2b.jpg 3.jpg

Left: FADA member, Katerina Karantzi describes the process of applying for a Greener Homes Scheme grant from Sustainable Energy Ireland. Right: Dr. Jean Fletcher outlines the pros and cons of installing a wood pellet boiler into her house

The workshop was attended by Dr. Patrick Waterfield, an energy consultant from Belfast who gave a very informative talk on how these various alternative systems operate as well as advice on the importance of insulation. FADA members Triona Muldoon and Katerina Karantzi provided practical information on building Energy Ratings and how to apply for grants from Sustainable Energy Ireland. This was followed by talks from Dr. Jean Fletcher and Adrian Geissel who gave brief presentations on the pros and cons of wood pellet boilers and solar panels that they installed in their own homes respectively. The workshop was followed by a question and answer session over tea and coffee.

Energy Consultant, Dr. Patrick Waterfield gives a presentation on the alternative technology systems available for domestic houses.


April 2008: Cuba Documentary Screening

As part of Fada’s Climate Change and Peak Oil community information programme we hosted a talk by Brian Kaller and screened "The Power of Community – How Cuba survived peak oil" at the Riverbank Arts Centre on April 10th 2008. The event consisted of a 30min talk on peak oil and climate change by Brian followed by the screening. The floor was then opened up for questions and comments from the audience.untitled.JPG

We had students from 5 secondary schools, 2nd to 5th year, for the morning event. Approximately 160 students attended. They were very inspired by the documentary, very interested in what Brian had to say and had plenty of questions to ask him after the screening.! Each school received compost, pots, seed trays or incubators and every pupil was given seeds before they left courtesy of Johnstown Garden Centre .

The evening event was host to about 40 people. The feedback was very positive and most people believed they would make changes in their own lives based on what they learned from attending. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported.

The event was funded by the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund 2007 through Kildare County Council 

 February 2008: Visit to Cloughjordan, Tipperary


Hermann Geissel of the Newbridge Integral Philosophy Group organised this half-day visit to the exiting project that is the Eco-village ("The Village"), currently being built in Cloughjordan. On a sunny February morning, a few members of FADA and the Philosophy group made their way to the formally sleepy town were a perfect example of a community-centred, sustainable and environmentally friendly development is starting to be built.

"The Village" springing into life! View from the group's headquarters

The group was given a very interesting presentation on the project by Duncan   Martin, a former lecturer of Chemical Engineering. The project has been in the planning for 10 years and it is finally starting to materialise. From what we saw and heard on our visit, it was definitely worth the effort!


For more information on The Village, visit their website ( or, even better,  pay them a visit! Oh, and don't forget to have a cup of heart-warming hot chocolate in one of the cutest café/bookshops in Ireland, just a few doors down from their headquarters!

 FADA and Philosophy Group members with Duncan Martin (middle, with yellow top)


 Chef William Crowley serving the main course in one of the FADA Christmas cooking workshops

           December 2007: Christmas Cooking Workshops with Newbridge Chef William Crowley

In December 2007, FADA organised a number of Christmas cooking courses with Newbridge Chef William Crowley. The courses were open to both FADA members and the public. Everyone attending the courses was shown how to make truly delicious and healthy dishes from fresh, basic ingredients. William shared tips and advocated the use of produce that is in season and bought from farmers' markets. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and voted the Butternut Squash and Celeriac soup as the most delicious dish of the night!

               Misc_0160.jpg                       Misc_0163.jpg

Right: William making his delicious Casablanca Cous-Cous. Left: Glazed Breast of Duck

14 November 2007-

Eddie Hobbs  talk on "When the Oil Runs Out, preparing our community for the change" 


Mr Hobbs during his talk

Eddie Hobbs, the long-time consumer advocate, kindly gave a talk organised by FADA at Ryston Social Club in Newbridge.

Mr Hobbs started his talk with an introduction to the idea of peak oil presenting relevant graphs to the audience and discussing what threats this could pose to Ireland. He went on to give an interesting overview of opportunities arising from this situation. These varied from  investment opportunities in specific companies to personal steps we can all take to prepare, like insulating our houses and choosing local products in order to strengthen the local economy.

A video of the event will soon be availble on this website. Until then, click here for a video hosted on the excellent Newbridge Shopper website.

A press release for the event can be found here


FADA Chairman Eamonn Parker with Mr Hobbs during the Q&A session

January 2006 - May 2006: 4th Monday Plenary Meeting Talks

FADA organised some interesting talks for our members that took place during our plenary meetings on the 4th Monday of each month. The following talks took place:

  • January : Marty Whelan kicked off the talk season by giving a very interesting talk on how to approach the media. A copy of the presentation can be found here.
  • February: FADA member journalist Brian Kaller gave a thought-provoking talk on how Climate Change coupled with Peak Oil will shape the world's future.
  • March: FADA member Herman Geissel talked about bogs in Ireland, how they are formed and what their current status is.
  • April: Angela Nolan and Liam Ryan, both members of local farmers' markets, came in to give an insightful account of how farmer's markets operate and what would need to be done to organise one for Newbridge.
  • May: For the last talk of the season, FADA members Mary Ash and PJ Dooley gave an introduction on how to apply for funding for community groups and discussed a list of possible funding sources for FADA.

10 April 2007: Public Debate of General Election Candidates

FADA, together with Newbridge Concerned Residents (NCR) and Newbridge Community Development (NCD), organised a General Election debate with seven candidates of the South Kildare area.

The debare focused on three main issues: the cinema in Newbride (NCR), the proposed coutdown of the Liffey Valley linear park in Newbridge (NCD) and food and energy localisation (FADA). The debate was very succesful, with a good turnout and a serious and interesting discussion on all the subjects.

Parts of the debate were recorded can be viewed or listened to by clicking here.

Padraig2.JPG Eamonn1.JPG

Left: FADA Secretary Dr Padraic Dunne. Right: FADA chairperson, Eamonn Parker and Fianna Fail TD for South Kildare, Sean O'Fearghaill

14 December 2006: Mountmellick Waste Talk


Kitty and Imelda talking about recycling

This talk took place at the Newbridge Parish Centre. Imelda, Kitty and Theresa from the Mountmellick Environmental Group (MEG) talked to the audience about the group itself, how it started and what it has achieved. It was trully inspiring to hear about a project that has managed to get the whole community involved and very interesting for FADA members to hear how this was achieved.

Most of the night, however, was dedicated to practical advice about waste management in our homes. Topics discussed included what we can and cannot recycle, possible reuse options for different materials, an introduction to composting and very useful tips on how to compost properly. There was also a discussion on how to get schools involved in recycling and practical ways for keeping the interest of students alive.

             Compost.jpg   Imelda.jpg

Tips on composting  (left) and Imelda talking about MEG (right)

22 October 2006: Energy Fair in Newbridge

Click here to download the FADA Newbridge Information Pamphlet available at the event

Photographs from the Energy Fair


Visitors of the Energy Fair in front of the FADA Stand

The Energy Fair took place at St Conleth’s Vocational School, Newbridge on Sunday 22 October from 2pm to 6 pm. The event focused on the reasons of the recent price hikes, what should be expected in the future and, mainly, practical solutions for householders and businesses to reduce their power use bills.

The event comprised of two parts. Firstly, experts gave talks on subjects of interest around the issue, including practical advice. The speakers were the following:

· Duncan Stewart, Architect and TV presenter

· Jim Power, Economist

· Declan Meally from Sustainable Energy Ireland

· Siobhan Higgs, from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, Ireland.

· Michael Layden, Energy Consultant

After the talks, there was a question and answer session, followed by a wine reception with live traditional music. Those attending were able to talk to professional providers of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies that could potentially help them reduce their electricity or gas use.

In parallel with the whole event, there was a screening of "The End of Suburbia", a very interesting and thought-provoking documentary about peak oil and its potential effect on our everyday life.


Some of the speakers of the Energy Fair from left to right: Michael Layden, Duncan Stewart and Declan Meally