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Last Updated May 15, 2008

Strategic Documents

Strategic Plan: The 2006-2009 Strategic Plan for FADA Newbridge can be found here.

FADA Constitution: A copy of the Costitution FADA uses can be found here.

FADA 2006/2007 Annual Review: A copy of the Annual Review can be found here .

Open Space Event October 2007: A copy of the report from FADA's first Open Space event can be found here. Some very interesting ideas can be found in this document.

FADA Action Plan for 2008: An excel copy of the FADA Action Plan for 2008 can be found here . A pdf copy is available here .

Mind map of FADA projects


You can open a bigger version of the MindMap by clicking here

FADA Soundbites: A copy of the the FADA Soundbites, produced by the media group, can be found here

FADA Event Report: This is a template on how to report past FADA events. Get a copy of the report here.