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Last Updated June 27, 2008

About FADA

We created FADA in early 2006, after some of us attended an Energy Forum organised by the Newbridge Integral Philosophy Group. The group initially followed an outline suggested by the Willits Economic LocaLization Project and decided on the group's mission and name, and planned our first event, an Energy Fair.

The Fair would help thousands of local people understand the problems the world would face -- a Great Depression, rising oil prices, food shortages and climate change -- but also describe the ways we can deal with these changes. We called Duncan Stewart, the host of Radio Telefisc Eireann's "Eco Eye" program, and he was impressed by our group and offered to speak, as did geologist Siobhan Higgs of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil.

The event was a great success, and drew crowds of thousands to various booths and exhibits. Stewart spoke to the crowds about sustainable energy and home design, Higgs about peak oil and the future of world energy. Energy consultants Andy Wilson and Michael Leyden explained ways to make one's home more energy-efficient, while economist Jim Powers spoke about the coming hard times.

The event was sponsored by Newbridge Silverware, Woodpecker, Bord na Mona, Geothermal Kilcullen and Evergreen Energy.

Important Milestones

April 2006: Energy Forum organised by the Newbridge Integral Philosophy Group

Summer 2006: The group is set up, the mission and vision statements emerge and the Srategic  Plan  of  the group is finalised

October 2006: The very succesful Energy Fair was the first event organised by the group

February 2007: FADA launched its 2007 Lenten Campaign against climate change. Newbridge residents were encouraged to help combat climate change by buying local/Irish products and reducing their energy consumption.

April 2007: Together with Nebridge Concerned Resident (NCR) and Newbridge Community Development (NCD), FADA organised a public debate with South Kildare general election candidates.

May 2007: FADA rented an allotment in Carragh. 

November 2007:  FADA organised a very interesting talk in Newbridge given by Mr Eddie Hobbs. The name of the talk was "When Oil Runs Out- Preparing our Community for the Change". As a follow up to this event, FADA also organised its first Open Space event that took place in Ryston Social Club, Newbridge.


Who are FADA?

We are a group of local volunteers dedicated to the promotion of sustainable living and with the rekindling of community spirit.

Who do FADA represent?

FADA’s members are representative of all sections of our community. FADA is not affiliated to any political or religious group. FADA is an inclusive community group willing to work with all members and all organisations of our community in order to achieve our goal.

What do FADA do?

We are dedicated to improving the local skills base by providing a number of public meetings and by arranging educational courses on subjects as diverse as composting and waste management, preservation of seasonal foods and local economics.

In addition there are several sub-groups within FADA that carry out projects within the community from community gardens, strengthening farmers markets and local energy audits. FADA also create links between existing community groups in the locality.

FADA plan to lobby local politicians on issues relating to sustainable living and on matters concerning the local community such as the development of local amenities.

















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