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Covid 19 Waiver of Commercial Rates

On the 23rd July 2020, the government announced a 100% waiver of commercial rates for all ratepayers, except those in a small number of excluded categories, for a 6-month period from 27 March 2020 to 27 September 2020.

Kildare County Council has applied this waiver to all eligible ratepayers as a credit in lieu of rates for the 6-month period.

Excluded categories

In recognition that there is a small number of ratepayers for whom their businesses have not been affected by the pandemic, these ratepayers are not eligible for the automatic waiver. These excluded categories are mainly utilities, banks, large supermarkets, corporates and vacant premises. 

Kildare County Council has engaged directly with these ratepayers.

Waiver Extension

An extension of the above waiver for the period 28 September to 27 December 2020 has been agreed by Government and was announced in the budget statement on 13 October 2020, with the same categories excluded.

Kildare County Council are currently applying this credit in lieu of rates to all eligible ratepayers. An application by ratepayers to Kildare County Council is not required

Further information

Further details on the scheme can be found here.FAQ's



Restart Grant and Restart Grant Plus

The Restart Grant and Restart Grant Plus application process closed on the 31st October 2020. A new COVID Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) was established as part of Budget 2021 on 13th October 2020 and is being operated by the Revenue Commissioners.  Further details can be accessed here:

The nationwide 30% top up due to eligible applicants has now been processed by Kildare County Council.

Appeals in relation the original Restart Grant will be processed subject to receipt of funding from the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment.