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Hear the stories of Kildare with a series of free audio guides to help you discover some of Kildare's incredible locations.

County Kildare Audio Guides lead you through the stories and personalities that have helped to shape the county.  Kildare history stretches back through millennia.  Overlooking the Curragh to the south-east stands Dun Ailinne, the seasonal home for a series of ancient Leinster Kings, and the legendary band of ancient warriors, the Fianna, hunted over the plains of the Curragh.  It is with the arrival of a devout woman that this area became famous throughout Ireland and throughout the Christian world. 

County Kildare Audio Guides

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The Story of County Kildare

Hear the Story of County Kildare, a place that has been at the centre of Irish history for millennia.  County Kildare is situated in the heart of Ireland's Ancient East and has a long and fascinating story.  Sometimes know as the Short Grass County, the landscape here is a mixture of fertile plains, rolling hills and extensive bogs and is dotted with a range of historic sites.  County Kildare is on the doorstep of Dublin and has long been a portal between the capital and the rest of Ireland.  This guide will give you a flavour of some of the people and places that have shaped County Kildare.  Click here to link to the free audioguide http://www.abartaheritage.ie/product/the-story-of-kildare/


Kildare Monastic Trail

Explore the Ancient Monasteries of County Kildare.  Kildare is at the heart of the dawn of Christianity in Ireland, and some of Ireland's most famous saints like Brigid, Colmcille and Patrick have strong links with the county.  This audioguide will lead you to atmospheric ruins of ancient monasteries, where you will encounter some of Ireland's best preserved round towers, panel by panel descriptions of high crosses and fascinating tales of history and folklore.  Discover the final resting place of Arthur Guinness, unlock the secrets of the spectacular High Crosses, climb the steps of an ancient round tower.  Visit http://www.abartaheritage.ie/product/kildare-monastic-trail-audio-guide/ to download your free audioguide.


Kildare Town Heritage Trail

Kildare Town Heritage Trail will lead you around the wonderful Heritage Town of Kildare.  Kildare's origins stretch into the distant past, but it is with the arrival of a devout woman that this area became famous throughout Ireland and the Christian world.  Visit http://www.abartaheritage.ie/product/kildare-town-heritage-trail-audio-guide/ to download your free audioguide.


Celbridge Town Heritage Trail

Straddling the River Liffey Celbridge is home to a host of interesting stories and historic buildings and has connections with an array of significant figures from the past.  The Celbridge Heritage Trail tells the story of Celbridge's associations with some of these figures such as Arthur Guinness, Jonathan Swift, William Conolly and Henry.  The tour beginning at Castletown House, the 18th Century stately home of Speaker William Conolly, will lead you in their footsteps as you explore one of Ireland's most architecturally beautiful towns.  Visit http://www.abartaheritage.ie/product/celbridge-heritage-trail-audio-guide/ to download your free audioguide.


The Story of the Curragh

Situated in the heart of County Kildare the Curragh is a truly unique landscape.  The circumstances by which this remarkable natural feature was created are fascinating and the combined forces of humankind and nature have shaped the Curragh over many millennia, resulting in an exceptional array of internationally important flora and fauna.  Visit http://www.abartaheritage.ie/product/story-of-the-curragh-audio-guide/ to download your free audioguide.