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ARV for County Kildare for 2018 is 0.2246

The Valuation Office has now completed its revaluation of all commercial properties throughout County Kildare and has issued valuation certificates to all ratepayers on 7th September 2017. The new valuations take effect from 1st January 2018 and will form the basis for commercial rates in 2018.

Further Information

The Valuation Office website, sets out detailed information about the revaluation process. The Valuation Office also has a dedicated Customer Support Team to deal with revaluation queries. They can be contacted by email at or by telephone at 01 8171033 between 9:30am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Please have your Property Number and Pin Number provided on the Valuation Certificate to hand.

The new Valuation Lists for Kildare was published on 15th September and is available to view on the valuation website or by clicking here.

How are Rates Calculated?

The Net Assessable Valuation (NAV) of the property as shown on your Valuation Certificate is multiplied by the “Annual Rate on Valuation” (ARV) to calculate the amount of commercial rates payable for 2018. Ratepayers in County Kildare can calculate their rates liability for 2018 by using the ARV of 0.2246.

The ARV was determined by Kildare County Council as part of the budgetary process on 20 November 2017.


(Example 1) - Peter O Brien (fictional business) – Valuation/NAV as advised = €15,790
Rates Liability for 2018 = €15,790 x 0.2246 = €3,546.43

(Example 2) - Mary Murphy (fictional business) – Valuation/NAV as advised = €25,000
Rates Liability for 2018 = €25,000 x 0.2246 = €5,615.00


Ratepayers who are dissatisfied with any material aspect of the Valuation Certificate can appeal the valuation to the Valuation Tribunal within 28 days from the date of issue of the valuation certificate but no later than 12th October, 2017. Further information is available from the Valuation Tribunal website at


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