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Environment Contacts:


045 980588

045 980587

Litter hotline

1850 243 143


Recycling is a really good way of disposing of waste, but it is important that everybody plays their part and recycles properly. This means that if the banks are full, you don't leave the bottles, jars and cans at the banks- let us know that the banks are full and we will organise to have them eptied as soon as possible. Whether the banks are full or not- DO NOT LEAVE ANY BOXES, BAGS OR OTHER LITTER AT THE RECYCLING SITE. This is deemed to be littering and you will be prosecuted. The council uses CCTV (you won't see the cameras, but they are at many of our sites) and fines will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. We also check bags for evidence and many prosections are made on the basis of such evidence.

If you wish to report problems at a recycling site, please FREEPHONE 1800 243 143 or email environ@kildarecoco.ie . We are also on twitter and faceboook. To check on a map where your nearest recycling banks are, please check here: