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Hidden Wonders

Hidden Wonders

The project can be viewed at www.hiddenwondersofkildare.com

As part of Kildare County Council’s Critical Debate in the Arts series, artist Rowena Keaveny has devised a Public Art project entitled ‘Hidden Wonders’.  The project firstly aims to capture the hidden aspects of the county as personally nominated by citizens, employees or visitors to Kildare.

In recognition of the transitional yet changing landscape of County Kildare, the project will then acknowledge and publicly profile the ‘Hidden Wonders’ that remain rural, hidden and sometimes overlooked.  This may take the form of a publication, exhibition, website and signage as suits the nature of the nominations received.

Nominations for a favourite view, a tranquil walk, a person, a building, a pub, a park, even a bus stop that is unique to Kildare can be emailed to Rowena Keaveny at hidden.wonders@yahoo.com by the 17th July 2009.

To download the nomination form click here

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