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Sound Engineering for TY students


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Sound engineering for TY students 

Course overview:

The 3 day course, which can be delivered in your school or in the Platform4 Studio, will focus primarily on the art of recording. Participants will learn how to adjust, augment and adapt recorded sound using the most up to date industry standard equipment. Participants will also become familiar with all the equipment in a recording studio and how to use it appropriately. Schools will also be given the option to attend the Platform4 Studio in Leixlip for one day, transport costs must be borne by the school

Duration: 3 days. Dates and start times are negotiable

Cost: FREE! Kildare Arts Service offer up to 6 free courses each year, to apply, contact Eoghan Doyle on or 045-448326

Tutor: Paul Dowling

House engineer Paul Dowling is a graduate of PulseRecordingCollege. He is a freelance recording/mixing engineer and is a certified Digi Design operator in both music and post production techniques.

Requirements and application:

Ability to play a musical instrument is desirable but not essential. The focus of the course is how you record the sound and very much the process of recording. A willingness to develop your technical skills in a recording studio and a love of music and the science behind it is essential. To assess suitability for the course students wishing to attend should fill answer the questions below and return the form to their year head / TY co-ordinator 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course.


Why do you want to participate in this course?

Do you play a musical instrument / sing?

What areas of sound recording are you most interested in?