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Youth Arts

The language of Youth Arts needs to be clarified as the terms “Youth” and “Arts” often have a different understanding among providers of “Youth” and “Arts” programming. In order to advocate for, promote and provide Youth Arts programming it is important to clarify what Kildare County Council terms as “Youth Arts”.

Kildare County Council recognises Youth Arts as being something that encompasses the needs of the young person in tandem with the needs of the art form, each having importance and value. And we will define young person as being aged between 12 and 25 years of age.

Kildare County Council also recognises the need to support Youth Arts organisations whose artistic process and engagement with young people is still developing.

Young people generally engage with “Youth Arts” on a voluntary basis, in their own free time and outside of the formal school system. However, Kildare County Council recognises the importance of the formal education system in County Kildare as a means to access young people.