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John Currivan

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John is an actor and writer who began his theatre career in Clondalkin Youth Theatre. In 2009 he graduated from the three year intensive Bachelor in Acting Studies course in Trinity College Dublin. Since graduating he has returned to CYT as a facilitator.

As an Actor he has most recently appeared in ‘Scent of Chocolate’ (Polish Theatre Ireland), ‘The Cappuccino Culture’ (Noelia Ruiz), ‘Skullduggery’ (devise+conquer), ‘ExitUscitaAusgangSortie’ (Actor Training Ireland), ‘The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars’ (Upstate Theatre Company), and ‘The Rivals’ (The Abbey Theatre).  

He also wrote, performed and produced the Behind the Shamrocks audiotour, and is currently writing Comic Books, with his first project ‘If only I was a Waterproof Watch!’ in production and hopes begin the series ‘MIDWAY’ and ‘EOIN’,  to be printed in 2011.

This is the first piece of John’s writing to be staged, and he has another full length project ‘One Waiting Room’ with his company Little Room which is in the pipeline to be stage in the Spring of  2011

About my work / practice:

I write both in English and as Gaeilge.

I’ve only been writing seriously for about a year, but as a child and teenager I always had keen interest in storytelling, songwriting and generally scribbling and doodling on pieces of scrap paper. I am interested in original ideas and concepts, which appeal to the most basic human elements in all of us. One thing I enjoy when I read a story or watch a play is when I see an uncommon or unique situation, which puts a spin on something familiar. When you think you understand something, which eventually turns out to be more than you could’ve imagined. These are the kinds of stories that I want to write and the kind of topics I want to write about.

I want to write about the fundamental and primal but I also believe in balance and that too much of one things isn’t good. I like art which doesn’t need to be academically analyzed, things that you may not understand but can be felt in your guts, when you forget the technicalities of language or structure and get carried away with a story. I like art which even when I understand it, or at least think I do, that the magic never changes. I also believe in the Magic of Art, no matter the art-form, and the fact that you can’t out your finger on what you liked about, and I want to aim for that unachievable spark in whatever I do.

Also I want to constantly change what I do and how I do it, so that I don’t dig myself into a hole and ‘type-cast’ myself as a writer.

Writing in different styles and media, about different things is the way I would like to work and continue working. I’m a fan of asking lots questions and giving few answers, so to make the audience ask themselves questions and supply their own answers.

I’m interested in science fiction and mythology and I believe they are both ways to imagine our past and possible futures, which in turn help us to re-examine our present.