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Aleksandra Rosiak

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Aleksandra Rosiak graduated from The University of Wroclaw, Poland, with MA Degree in English Philology with specialization in Theatre Studies, and The Cultural Facilitation Institute in Wroclaw – Theatre and Dance Studies, where she received a thorough training in performing arts and in the fundamentals of directing for theatre. She collaborated with several independent theatre companies in Poland.  In 2007 she founded The Spiral Staircase Theatre Company in Dundalk, Co Louth and in 2010 The Kaleidoscope Project in Newbridge, Co Kildare. She directed and produced a number of projects, both in Poland and in Ireland. Her main focus is on experimenting with form, structure and visuality in theatre, and exploring dramatic and visual qualities of non-theatrical texts, such as poetry and novels.

Professional development Poland: Bom-Baz Theatre in Jelenia Gora; The Annual Contemporary Dance Workshops in Kielce and Bydgoszcz; Grotowski Centre in Wroclaw, Dramatic Theatre in Jelenia Gora and many others.  Collaboration with several theatre groups as actor and director.

Professional development Ireland: The Actors’ Space, Vic, Spain - Jacques Lecoq Acting School; The Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre - Professional Training;   Physical Theatre Lab – Ostrenko Method, Malpils, Latvia; The Moving Voice (course and workshops based on methods of Laban, Gill Edwards, Cecily Berry);  Border Arts Centre, DkIT - Art Processes and Creative Activities; The Upstate Theatre Group – Community Drama Workshops;  Community Drama Course at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) 

Lecturing and facilitation history: Muirhevnamor House  - Youth Project; Irish Wheelchair Association, Ardee – drama facilitator; Newry and Kilkeel Institute of Higher and Further Education - Performing Arts Lecturer; Truagh Development Project, Carrickroe, Co. Monaghan - Youth Theatre Facilitator

Production history Ireland:


The Sun, the Moon and the Apple – inspired by The Epilogue Poems, by Ted Hughes

The Kaleidoscope Project

Director and designer

Promo Trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7McP_gFQiqw

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4.48 Psychosis, by Sara Kane

Video project/performance 

Actor and director.



Harold and Sophie, by Irma Grothuis - a play for 4-6 years olds        

The Spiral Staircase in association with An Táin Theatre:  Samhradh Festival Dundalk, Aisling Children Festival, Longford/Drogheda/Mullingar
Director and performer


As the Vulture Circles - inspired by Prometheus on his Crag, by Ted Hughes

The Spiral Staircase

Director and producer

Dress rehearsal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIJJ1aiXwvM

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Theatre Miniatures by Manos Tsangaris

Sounds Electric ’07, International Festival of Contemporary Music, 20-24 Nov, DkIt, Dundalk

What the Thunder Said… - inspired by The Waste Land, by T.S. Eliot

The Spiral Staircase

Director and performer

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Website: http://aleksandrarosiak.weebly.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Kaleidoscope-Project/102769806442894

E-mail: kaleidoscopetheatre@hotmail.com

About my practice:

Poetry was first, and then came theatre. The two became inseparable in my search for an ideal method of expression. In poetry I search for the sublime, the subconscious, the off-scene, in theatre - for the aural and visual spectacle that can animate the words and the meanings they carry. In my work for stage I do not attempt to follow a linear sequential structure of drama, but rather strive to create an impressionistic vision, a multi-layered interpretation of poetry and myth in a contemporary setting. My objective is to find an alternative form of artistic and reflective articulation, allowing the examination, expression and communication of archetypal patterns and their relevance in contemporary world. 
In my work I wish to ask questions about the Beginning and the End, therefore, mythologies, legends and fairytales are often my chosen points of departure. I hope to encourage the audiences to look for the answers to these questions and to participate in the shows emotionally and sometimes physically.

Every theatrical production is a ground for experimentation, an amalgamation of different aspects of theatre and visual arts in a creative process involving actors as artists, artists as poets, the audience as artists and poets. I try to endow poetical texts with visual and physical qualities and to encapsulate language in an organic and sensory form. I believe that my approach to theatre as an artistic medium echoes that of Antonin Artaud:  “It has not been definitely proved that the language of words is the best possible language. And it seems that on the stage, which is above all a space to fill and a place where something happens, the language of words may have to give way before a language of signs whose objective aspect is the one that has the most immediate impact upon us.”