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Brenda Brady

It’s been a very rewarding, exciting experience to be involved with our Film development programme. Listening to feedback and discussion following a screening of ‘Maynooth Film for All: Film Club or, receiving support and guidance from our partner agencies. And filmmakers themselves - I’m continually amazed at their generosity and willingness to share their insights and experience.

The Arts Service promotes cultural activity and enables personal and professional development opportunities across art forms. Initiatives such as the arts in education programme ‘If I had an Artist for a Day…’ exposes children to quality arts experience’s whilst enhancing and motivating their learning across the ability range.

My own involvement in the arts started with my training in IADT Dun Laoghaire specializing in Product Design: Ceramics.  Through most of the 1980’s into early 1990 I was self employed producing and selling a range of studio ceramics through gallery and retail outlets. There then followed a period of teaching and community arts involvement before joining the Arts Service in 2002.

Contact Brenda: bbrady@kildarecoco.ie 045-448328