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Workshop and booking details for the 2009 'If I had an Artist for a day...' programme

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Kildare County Council Arts Service is delighted to announce the 2009 roll out of the subsidised Arts in Education initiative ‘If I had an Artist for a Day ….’ 

This innovative programme for primary schools in Kildare uses digital tools such as photography, projection and film but also traditional visual art materials, musical instruments and drama.

The programme aims are to actively involve children in creatively investigating their situations and surroundings. All workshops are designed and delivered by ‘working artists’, providing an opportunity for children to meet with professional practitioners.

But it’s not all work! We want children to have fun, to enjoy working as part of a team, while learning new skills through engaging, challenging and entertaining arts experiences. Workshops are process led - there is making and doing as well as listening and viewing!







Will the artist deliver only one workshop per day?

  • No. As the programme names implies you have the services of an artist for the whole school day. So typically if an artist’s workshop lasts for 1hr. they probably can work with four different class groupings. With a two hour workshop probably two class groupings.

Will artists have special requirements?

  • Schools are asked to make available the usual art materials for visual art workshops i.e. A4 paper, pencils, markers, scissors. Individual artists will supply specialist materials / equipment and the Arts Service will advise schools of any additional materials they need to make available on the day such as glue sticks, tissue / crepe paper etc. when the booking is confirmed
  • Drama / Music / Dance workshops will require large clear spaces where possible. And, the children should wear comfortable clothing P.E. gear for example. Trainers are acceptable shoes to wear for dance but definitely no hard shoes

Why is the subsidy confined to only one day  per school?

  • Because of budgetary constraints we want to make the programme available to as many schools as possible

How do I make a booking?

  • Complete and return the official application form …… stating your workshop choice in order of preference and suggested dates
  • As the point of contact the Arts Service will liaise between artist and school to agree on a booking
  • Once a date is agreed the Arts Service will confirm it in writing including contact details for the artist concerned. This will enable direct contact between artist and school to agree a breakdown of the day i.e. any agreed themes topics to be explored, age’s and numbers in class groupings etc.

How do I claim the subsidy?

  • You will receive an evaluation form from the Arts Service. When your workshop has taken place, complete and return the form to the arts service. Then allow up to 28 days for receipt of a Kildare County Council Cheque

Who can I contact with any further queries I may have?

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