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Arts in Education Archive

In this section you will find details of previous Arts in Education initiatives and projects. While these projects and initiatives are historical, their information can still be quite relevant and they are important to keep so as to document a history of Arts Development in County Kildare. If you would like any further information on any of these past projects or initiatives, please contact us at arts@kildarecoco.ie or 045 448328 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If I had an Artist for a day 2008. Round 1

If I had an Artist for a day 2008. Round 1

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:08:00 GMT
If I had an Artist for a Day 2008. Round 2

If I had an Artist for a Day 2008. Round 2

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 11:55:00 BST
Arts in Libraries Programme - ‘Call for Interest’

Arts in Libraries Programme - ‘Call for Interest’

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:02:00 GMT

Storyteller in Residence

Storytelling has existed for centuries as a traditional form of communication and entertainment in Ireland. Before the written word stories were handed down from generation to generation. By weaving images, narrative and voice together, stories magically transfer deep dimension and vivid colour to characters, situations and experiences.

Over the past four years Julie Duane’s Storytelling Residency has aimed to sustain this rich legacy of oral folklore through the use of rhythm & rhyme, animated language & interactive movement

Since 2005 Julie Duane has been ‘Storyteller in Residence’ within Kildare County Council Library Service. Working across the library network of sixteen branches delivering workshops and performances to a wide variety of audiences including
• Pre school children and their parents
• Outreach service to primary schools where appropriate
• ‘Open’ sessions in large branches
• Working with library staff to programme themed sessions i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Multicultural etc. incorporating local & national events such as Seachtain Na Gaelige, Children’s Book Festival and Heritage Week
• Active age and special needs groups

With over twenty five years experience and a particular interest in Drama in Education the residency aims to promote the craft and skills of storymaking, storytelling and story sharing while

• Building confidence in self expression, developing skills of positive criticism and promoting listening and recall skills
• Stimulating discussion and questioning
• Create a strong sense of sequence – a clear beginning, middle and end – to encourage children’s sense of chronology
• Enabling the development of children’s vocabulary and knowledge
• Appeal to children’s sense of curiosity, their emotions and imaginations, allowing them to emphathise with the feelings and circumstances of the characters described

Arts in Libraries

The Arts in Libraries programme was developed to give the public access to high quality arts workshops / events in their local library. Traditionally there were a festival of events in libraries around Easter, Summer and Halloween. The content and the programme developed over the years and longer term "arts residencies" were held in libraries. As the programme developed, libraries all over the County became more involved with the administration of, and the artistic development of the programme. Today, individual library branches have their own calendar of arts events. For further details on the "Arts in Libraries" programme visit www.kildare.ie/library